Solar White Cabbage Butterfly

The Solar White Cabbage Butterfly is used for the organic control of the White Cabbage Butterfly.

The White Cabbage Butterfly is the most common butterfly you see in the garden. It is a white colour with brown spots on upper wings and brown markings on the wing tips. The White Cabbage Butterfly lays its eggs in gardens and vegetable gardens and especially favors plants from the Brassica family eg: cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. The caterpillars are very destructive and can destroy plants in a very short time.

White Cabbage Butterflies are very territorial insects and will not lay eggs where they see another White Cabbage Butterfly as they do not want their young to compete for food.The solar powered White Cabbage butterfly will deter White Cabbage Butterflies from laying eggs in your garden. The White Cabbage Butterfly will travel further away to lay its eggs. This is an organic control of the White Cabbage Butterfly.

Place the solar powered White Cabbage Butterfly every 2- 3 square meters to give good coverage.

Position the solar panel to the sun and if overcast put on to battery switch.

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