ZandY Home Wares


ZandY is a funky home ware range for generation Z and generation Y designed by generation Z and generation Y. All the ZandY products are handmade from sustainable materials or recycled materials. No chemicals are used in the process and natural plant based dyes are used in our fabrics.

ZandY home wares are handmade in Vietnam. Villages in the south, north and far north are involved with us. Each product comes from a certain area in Vietnam where these crafts have been made for generations. a lot of young people in these villages are leaving for the city as there is not enough work for them in the villages. We are trying to provide that income and skill learning at ZandY. It takes 4 years to learn these crafts and it is important that they are not lost. Some workshops also employ disabled and disadvantaged women so the work gives there women opportunities and a better way of life.

ZandY homeware range has been designed for aesthetics and functionality.

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